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Misty McNally grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her mother's family was from Boone. Misty has been fascinated with Kate Shelley for as long as she can remember!

Kate Shelley,

Heroine of the High Bridges

On July 6, 1881, Kate risked her life by crossing a trestle in a perilous storm in order to warn a passenger train that the next bridge was out. She was heralded in the news, awarded with gold, and given a college scholarship. In 1890, the Chicago Tribune raised money that paid off her debts, and she built a new house.

Then, in 1901, the tallest and longest double-track railroad trestle in the world was built across the Des Moines River near Boone. It became known as the Kate Shelley High Bridge.

Yet Kate chose a simple country life. She eventually took a job as the station agent at the Moingona Depot, crossing the Des Moines River Trestle each day to work and back. She died at age 48 in 1912.

Kate Shelley, Heroine of the High Bridge explores the life of this fascinating Iowa woman who lived in the Golden Age of Railroad.

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Kate Shelley


There's a blizzard so fierce that reindeer can't fly in it! How will Santa deliver gifts to children on the Iowa frontier? This fanciful Christmas story features the Scenic Valley Railroad and has a cameo appearance by Kate Shelley and her family.

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